Architecture: 3.80

Molscript image for 1p9aG00
Representative domain: 1p9aG00
PDB coordinates for domain 1p9aG00

Alpha-Beta Horseshoe

Classification Lineage (3.80)

CATH CodeLevel DescriptionLinks
3 Alpha Beta
3.80 Alpha-Beta Horseshoe

Summary of Non-Redundant Representatives

- - 3 4 37 51 64 111 257

Topology Entries in Architecture 3.80 (3)

CATH Level CATH codeName Representative Domain Representative Keywords Representative Thumbnail Number of Domains
3.80.10Leucine-rich repeat, LRR (right-handed beta-alpha superhelix) 1p9aG00 Molscript image for 1p9aG00 191
3.80.2024 nucleotide stem-loop, u2 snrnp hairpin iv. U2 a'; Chain A 3p0yA00 Molscript image for 3p0yA00 57
3.80.30pyruvate-formate lyase- activating enzyme 3canA00 Molscript image for 3canA00 9